On September 28, the Buffalo Zoo said a sad goodbye to Buki, one of the Zoo’s beloved Asian elephants. A long-time resident, Buki passed away at the age of 52. She was a favorite with visitors and a special friend to Zoo staff.

The Buffalo Zoo would like to invite you to share your thoughts and memories HERE of the matriarch of our elephant herd.


“I remember going to the zoo when I was about 7 years. And I begged my mom to let me go to the bathtime with Buki show. She finally gave in, and I was picked to help scrub her, along with about 10 other kids. I remember going up to scrub her back, and looking into her eyes. And she looked right back at me. Buki had me right there. After that day, every time we went to the zoo, I could tell which one she was, because she still looked me in the eyes, like she knew who I was.”
–Emma, Lockport, NY

“We will miss Buki. She was a loving gentle animal. Both my son and daughter had the great opportunity to help give her a bath and have treasured the experience. This is a great loss.”
– Kateri, West Seneca, NY

“I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Buki. I come home to visit every year and I come to the zoo when I am home. Elephants have a way of getting into your heart and never leaving. I can't imagine how difficult things are for everyone right now. All of you are in my thoughts. Sending you long distance support and encouragement.”
– Joanna, Seattle, WA

“Words cannot express the sorrow we feel today, after hearing the news of Buki’s passing. We always enjoyed when you had the Holiday picture event, giving people the opportunity to have a photo taken with the elephant. We came both years, and lingered well after the photo was taken, just to watch the beautiful elephants. God bless all of you for Buki’s care, compassion and love. She loved you too!!”
– Debbie, Buffalo, NY

“I am very fortunate to have had the blessing of Buki as a little girl visiting the Zoo often with my Mother. As an adult, I love and appreciate the Zoo even more. I visit frequently and the elephants are almost always the first place I go, as for many visitors. I feel as if I’ve grown up with Buki. I am happy for the photos I have of her. She is such a beautiful magnificent creature. God bless to all who have contributed to Buki’s life and care.”
– Sarah, Buffalo, NY

“We love you Buki!”
– Tonya & Abby, Buffalo, NY

“I was very sad to hear about Buki. My heart goes out to the employees at the Zoo.”
– Nora, West Seneca, NY




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