Safari Group Lunch Packs:

 Youth lunch:

   Hamburger, chips and juice box                  $4.00
   Hotdog, chips and juice box                         $4.00
   Grilled cheese, chips and juice box             $4.00
   Peanut butter & jelly                                       $4.00

  Adult lunch:

   Hotdog, fries and 16oz. fountain drink              $5.50
   Hamburger, fries and 16oz. fountain drink       $5.50
   Cheeseburger, fries and 16oz. fountain drink  $5.50

  • Are available in advance on presale form.
  • Confirm order at 716-995-6159.
  • Food will be cold if you do not arrive on time.
  • No refund for orders not picked up.

CLICK HERE to download Presale Lunch Form

Picnic and outside food:      

  • We do not have storage facilites and can not store or refrigerate your lunches.
  • All lunches for your group MUST be secured in a container, cooler or sealed box and labeled with your facility name.
  • Containers must be of manageable size. Carts are not available for use.
  • No plastic straws or glass containers are allowed.
  • Please place all trash in the receptacles provided, including recyclables. Failure to clean up will result in an additional clean up fee.

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