Train: $2 per person.
The train is located in the center promenade near M&T Rainforest Falls. Riders must meet a minimum height requirement and obey all safety rules while the train is in operation. Rides start at 11:00am and operate seasonally weather permitting.



Carousel: $2 per person
The carousel is located in the center of the Zoo near the Heritage Farm. It was manufactured by Allan Herschell Company in Buffalo, NY and purchased from Crystal Beach in the 1980’s. The carousel is inspected daily. Riders must obey all safety rules while the train is in operation.



Hidden Treasures: $6-$8 per bag
Hidden Treasures is located in the center of the Zoo near the Bone Zone. It is a fun, interactive and educational activity that both parents and kids can enjoy together.  Panning for fossils and gemstones through our sluicing system is exciting for all.  Fossils and Gems can be sorted, identified through our guide and put into a collection.


Kangaroo Hop: $5 per person
The Kangaroo Hop is located behind the Sea Lion exhibit near Kookabara Korner.  The Bungee Trampoline is a safe and accessible way for children and adults to experience all the thrills of acrobatics and Bungee jumping, but with none of the risks. Our Bungee Trampoline Systems we don’t “Monkey Around”, jumpers can attain heights in excess of 24 feet in the air!



Zookeys: $3 each
Zookeys boxes are spread throughout the zoo. Zookeys are inserted into them and they tell about the animals. If flipped and inserted they will play a song about the animal.  They are available for purchase at most point of sales in the Zoo including admissions.



Artic Blast: $2 per session
The Artic Blast is located across from the Polar Bears.  This simulator with give you the experience of 75mph hurricane force wind.  Prepare to be blown away.


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